"Generosity begets generosity.  This is especially so when generosity is rooted in the rich soil of relatedness." Sue Mosteller, CSJ

Star of the North is a non-profit organization.  We rely on the support of our patrons and donors to continue maintenance of the facility and to supplement for capital projects. We also fund-raise to support our wellness retreats for inner city men and women, and to subsidize certain kinds of programs.  We hope you will support our vision and mission to nurture relationship with God, others, community and creation. We have two key fundraisers each year; Starfest and Star Trekkers Walk. Starfest is a dinner and silent auction held in October each year. The Star Trekkers Walk is a walk-a-thon usually held in June.  Join us for any of our fundraiser events or click above to DONATE NOW.  Thank you for your support!

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Aurora Living: Formation Through Word & Creation

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