Bequests in Wills

There are two types of bequests.  The first is one that is made for a specific amount.  It would look somewhat like this:  “I direct that $5,000 be given to the Star of the North Retreat House”.  The second leaves a percentage of the residue of the estate as part of a Will: “ I leave 25% of my estate to the Star of the North Retreat House”.  

With specific bequests, the Star of the North might receive the gift as soon as the Executor has determined that adequate funds remain to look after any expenses to the estate, such as taxes and unpaid bills.  When the bequest is in the form of a percentage of the estate, it can take longer for the Star of the North to receive their share, as all bills have to be paid and the estate fully settled before the final disbursement is made.  Either way, the Star of the North benefits and is grateful for your support.

Has the Star of the North Retreat House had a positive impact on you or one of your loved ones?  By leaving a bequest in your Will, you will help insure the future of the Star is secure for generations to come.

For further information on bequests in Wills and other methods of planned giving, please contact Lucie Leduc, Executive Director, at (780) 459-5511.

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