Aurora Living: Word & Creation

Star of the North is developing an online/on-site signature, three-year program – Aurora Living: Word and Creation. Our emphasis is to deepen our relationship with Sacred Word and story from Christian and other wisdom traditions, and renew our relationships with Christ’s Spirit for the good of creation.

This program aims to build an inter-generational, cultural and faith community.  It is inspired by contemporary witnesses who are making a difference in the world.  It empowers contemplative living and stimulates action for contemporary needs and time. 

Word & Creation ~ Communion & Contemplation ~ Right Relationship 

transform us for a radical way of life to become agents of  a new dawn.

This is Aurora Living!


By way of introducing the biblical themes of Aurora Living, Star of the North will be hosting a monthly series of prayer rituals leading up to our October 2021 program launch. REGISTER HERE and join us to learn more about the program!

  • January 26 – Creation
  • February 23 – Exodus
  • March 16 – Kings, Queens, Leadership
  • April 20 – Wisdom
  • May 18 – Psalms
  • June 15 – Prophets
  • July 20 – Gospels & Acts
  • August 17 – The Letters
  • September 1 – Revelation
  • October 1-3 – Module 1 Launch


Aurora Living is presented as a complete cycle of nine modules over three years; however, it is possible to attend individual modules of your choice. Each three-month module includes:

  • an opening retreat
  • a monthly online/onsite gathering
  • a monthly two-hour small group/wisdom circle meeting, with celebrations and practical activities
  • weekly required readings and videos
  • Optional spiritual direction

Inclusive of everyone, yet especially focused on those engaged in the first half of life (25 to 55 yr. old’s), we invite you to consider joining us on this journey of hope and action!



  • A Story of Good Beginnings (October - December 2020)
  • Between Slavery & Freedom (January - March 2021)
  • Empowered for Service (April - June 2021)


  • The Wells We Drink From (September - November 2021)
  • Singing Both Joy & Lament (January - March 2022)
  • Finding Our Prophetic Voice (April - June 2022)


  • An Invitation to Everyone (September - November 2022)
  • Words for a New Community (January - March 2023)
  • Hope in Troubled Times (April - June 2023

Vision: Awaken Spirit – Transform the World

Guided by Laudato Si, sacred teachings and wisdom traditions, Aurora Living aims at learning, integrating and practicing a contemplative way of living in response to the call to love and serve our global family and to care for our common home.


Recognizing as common to all spirituality the longing for depth and communion, our goals are inspired by the universal wisdom contained in the Christian, Indigenous and other faith traditions, as communicated through Scriptures, guiding us to union with God, each other and creation.  

Goals: Love in Truth & Action

  • Heart – Discern our path with God in the world through prayer and reflection
  • Soul – Deepen our awe and wonder through faith-based celebrations and rituals
  • Strength – Integrate faith and daily living by participating as active agents of social transformation for the common good
  • Mind – Grow in spiritual wisdom through learning and experiencing the impact of the Scriptures and Mystical traditions
  • Neighbour as Yourself – Communicate and practice in our relationships with each other and creation, attitudes of kindness and mercy
  • As Jesus Loved – Nurture an awareness of the Person of Jesus to transform our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions into a commitment of self to each other and creation.

“You shall love the Lord your God

with all your heart,

and with all your soul,

and with all your strength,

and wilh all your mind;

and your neighbour as yourself.”


~ Jesus, Luke 10:27 ~

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