Join our Star Community - Volunteer Your Skills & Gifts

Star of the North Retreat Centre needs your help.  We have a variety of areas for your skills and talents to shine, and a volunteer community whose presence and sharing of gifts have been essential to the Star’s mission.  If you are interested in belonging to our Star volunteer community, click open the volunteer application page and we will arrange to meet with you, orientate and facilitate your assistance in any of the following areas of need:

  • Gardening / Yard Care: Do you love beautifying flower gardens and beds? Are you care conscious for the environment? Our grounds are extensive and in constant need of care. We need garden lovers who are willing to commit to caring for one part of our plant beds in the summer for 2-3 hours a week from late April/early May to early October. Ideally, we need a team of 8-10 people who would meet quarterly and take on their love of gardening to beautify our backyard rose garden, our backyard beds around the gazebo, front rock garden and flowerbed, the flower and low bush bed front-yard Mary garden, and the front (and side) yard gardens yet to be developed. We will provide a nominal budget, a plan for the undeveloped beds, and tools or materials needed. Your love for gardening and community are what’s needed to keep the Star grounds beautiful. There is room here for a ministry to creatively plan food gardens and a food sharing program as well.
  • Excel / Data Input specialist for group email management from database; and e-tapestry training for database and Star patron updates. Do you have specialized computer program skills? We seek two people to share their skills using excel to refine our program communications and promotions, and with e-tapestry training to update our database as required.  
  • In-House Hospitality or online moderating hospitality for programs and retreats. Do you enjoy making people feel welcome and at home? We have a treasured hospitality coordinator and team who assist people coming to the Star for retreats or programs with navigating their way in the house to their room accommodations, conference room, dining room and washrooms. They make people feel at home and welcome at the start of their stay, so that they can enjoy their time for the duration of their stay.  
  • In-House Management and creative display for existing bulletin boards. Do you love creating meaningful multimedia (using photos, news-clippings, posters, etc) communication spaces? We have four large bulletin board displays on the main floor of our facility needing ongoing updating and regular care. We need two people to maintain and create for one to two hours alternating weeks, to keep our information fresh and up-to-date.  
  • Outreach and Relationship Building with parishes, congregations/communities:  Do you belong to a parish or congregation?  Help us stay connected and spread the word about our retreat and program offerings within your parish/community on a monthly basis.  We will provide you with the posters and bulletin information to forward to your pastor and/or parish secretary.
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