Retreats on Demand

In line with Star of the North’s mission and vision, "Awakening the Spirit, Transforming the World", we are expanding our programs to include monthly retreat offerings through pre-recorded videos. This new initiative is called In the Moment: Self-Guided Retreats.

Our vision is to offer monthly videos through Vimeo, that subscribers can follow from their own homes and on their own schedule, with the aim of awakening awareness of the divine presence and inspiring deeper faith commitment.

Our mission is to facilitate spiritual reflection that nurtures and invites personal times of prayer and interiorization. We hope the monthly regularity of this program will lead to a personal habit of spiritual self-care.

Culture and language play an important role in accessing our faith life. For this reason, we are offering In the Moment retreats in three languages:  English, French and Spanish. We have gathered a host of facilitators and themes for your to choose from. This year we will offer a total of nine videos in each language, available as quarterly subscriptions (3 videos) or as a yearly subscription (all 9 videos) at a considerable discount. Each month, from October 2022 through to June 2023, we will release a video with your subscription in your preferred language.

For full information on In the Moment: Self-Directed Retreats:

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