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Walk for the Star! Star Camino Countdown

We’re over half-way toward our Star Camino fundraising goal. Will you join us as a walker or supporter?

Our fifth annual Star-Camino walk  begins and ends at The Star of the North on Saturday, June 24th, 2023. We will meet at The Star of the North at 8:30 am, and begin the walk at 9:00 am. The Star will be ready for our return with gathering space available for socializing, drink and snacks to celebrate our walk and fundraising efforts.

With your help we will do the following projects in 2023:

- Give subsidies for people who need support to attend Star 2023/24 programs for retreat and renewal
- Replace hallway carpet on main floor alongside other maintenance needs
- Provide electricity for Star Garden greenhouse and development of rain-water collection system 
- Maintain and replace yard-care tools and equipment 

We will also restore funds to our Capital Reserve. Help us reach our goal to raise $50,000. We are grateful for your generous offer of time and donations!

Living Into Mystery Workshop with Richard Groves

Ancient wisdom traditions had names and rites of passage for four distinct stages of adult spiritual development.  This same wisdom is reflected in both Biblical and Judeo-Christian mystical traditions but has been largely ignored by modern culture. The stages of student, householder, forest dweller and sage offer a profound map for the spiritual seeker and invite different sets of questions and life tasks.

Living Into Mystery: The 4 Spiritual Stages of Mature Adulthood is a one-day workshop will engage any participant with an invitation to more mature faith development and practical spiritual tools. Facilitator Richard Groves is an internationally respected retreat master whose workshops in adult spiritual formation are offered around the world.  He is the founder of Sacred Art of Living Centre in Bend, Oregon and director of the Anamcara Apprenticeship Program. You will leave with excitement for soulful renewal and the sacred journey of living. 

(discounts available for Anamcara alumni)

Star Garden & Greenhouse Update

Star Garden is planted, greening, and growing thanks to the 255 volunteer hours that have already been logged this season. We had help with the greenhouse installation from local business Trace Associates. We had a Biology 20 class from St. Albert Catholic High School come plant 200 potatoes. We’ve had a steady stream of touring visitors and hard-working volunteers. We were even featured on CBC Radio’s Radioactive program (you can listen to the interview here: We are so grateful for the level of interest and participation in the project. If you know of a local person or family in need, please contact garden coordinator Clint Porritt. 

Star Garden Blessing Service: On Wednesday, June 28 at 7:00 pm, Archbishop Emeritus Sylvain Lavoie, OMI will lead a special garden blessing service (weather permitting) followed by a short information session, tour, and refreshments. Please RSVP at 






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