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Star Garden: Join the Team!

The Star of the North is developing a urban garden focused on increasing access to fresh produce for those in need within our community. This week we began work on developing the mulch that will serve as the base for our six no-till garden beds. It is a lot of grunt work, but we are so thankful to be outside and enjoying God’s good creation.

Next week we will be doing regular afternoon drop-in work bees Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (May 16-18) from 2:00 to 5:00 pm as the weather permits. From preparing cardboard to watering to hauling bags of leaves, there are jobs for all abilities! Let us know if you’re able to pitch in by contacting Clint Porritt at 780-459-5511 or

  • Cardboard collection
  • Moving bags of leaves and grass with a wheelbarrow
  • Dumping leaves, mixing and raking mulch
  • Shoveling wood chips
  • Cutting and preparing cardboard
  • Untying leaf bags (we have a company that will reuse them)
  • Picking trash out of beds
  • Spreading straw by hand
  • Stringing rows
  • Watering

Thank you for your help in getting this project off the ground. Bagged yard waste from your spring clean-up (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) and cardboard can be dropped off anytime at Star of the North in the NW alcove area by the chapel. To arrange for larger deliveries of wood chips, logs, bales or manure please contact Clint Porritt at 780-459-5511 or

Interested in partnering in this project as a regular volunteer? Please take a minute to sign up on our volunteer list at

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